14 February 2017

2º Concurso de cómic de Reinosa 2017 (comic contest)

Today I bring you a new comic contest promoted by the Reinosa City Council (Spain). Although it is an international contest, the works submitted should be written in Spanish. So that's the reason why I'll switch to Spanish in this post.

El Ayuntamiento de Reinosa ha convocado su segundo concurso de cómic para promover la cultura del cómic, que siempre viene bien. El enlace que os acabo de poner es la nota de prensa publicada por el ayuntamiento en su propia web, pero no he sabido ver donde está el enlace con las bases del concurso. Por eso, si queréis consultar las bases os remito a la web de escritores.org, donde si que las podéis consultar: Bases del II concurso de cómic de Reinosa.

Cartel II concurso de cómic de Reinosa

 Para empezar os diré que se trata de un concurso abierto a cualquier historietista no profesional, en el que podéis participar tanto individualmente como en grupo. El formato requerido es de historia corta autoconclusiva. Y los premios (hay 3) son en metálico, cosa que siempre se agradece.
Si queréis mas información, miraros las bases donde lo encontrareis todo mas detallado.

20 December 2016

Pink Dreams

A new update in this blog?!
Yes! At last I got some minutes to post something.
Actually, I had a really stressing autumn with little free time. The good part of this is that there are several projects to post here and bring the activity back to this blog.

The first project I'm going to talk about is the commission for the blog of a good (one of the best) friend. She ask me for a blog header and a logo for her start-up business.
She really is a pro artist with the royal icing. And I tried her creations and they are really yummy.
Here you have the blog header:

And next there is the logo:

You can see both images without the watermark at her blog, here.

Remember that if you are interested in commission me, you can contact me via mail (or chech the "contact" page for more options).

25 May 2016

Thesis cover

Eo?! Anyone there?
Yep, I'm back people! I know that last year I've been really disappeared from all the artistic net. The reason is that I've been finishing my PhD Thesis. And finally I defended it on November 30st! Now you can call me Dr. Or Doc. Yeah... Doc sounds cool... (ok, no).

Well, whatever. Today I'll bring you my Thesis cover made entirely in GMT (Generic Mapping Tools), and designed in photoshop. First time I design a book cover, and I really like the result.

20 February 2014

At the Cafe - finished -

 Do you remember this? So, here you have the finished version. You can also find a better resolution image in my deviantart.

About the work: I used 2 different colouring tutorials to complete it. First one is this, about shading of human face. Second one is about colouring in photoshop.
About the character: Let me introduce you Lucía Bien, a character of a forthcoming project. Stay tuned! ;)

21 January 2014


A week ago I discovered this web while procrastinating... (sometimes I do this more than recomended... *ahem*). It is a web application that allows you to create beautiful images easily. 
The aplication plays with the symmetry and the geometry to get things like these:

these are some examples of what I did
these are some examples of what I did
these are some examples of what I did
these are some examples of what I did
these are some examples of what I did

 Ah! And if you are an apple-nerd, there is an app for iOS too. ^^