25 May 2016

Thesis cover

Eo?! Anyone there?
Yep, I'm back people! I know that last year I've been really disappeared from all the artistic net. The reason is that I've been finishing my PhD Thesis. And finally I defended it on November 30st! Now you can call me Dr. Or Doc. Yeah... Doc sounds cool... (ok, no).

Well, whatever. Today I'll bring you my Thesis cover made entirely in GMT (Generic Mapping Tools), and designed in photoshop. First time I design a book cover, and I really like the result.

20 February 2014

At the Cafe - finished -

 Do you remember this? So, here you have the finished version. You can also find a better resolution image in my deviantart.

About the work: I used 2 different colouring tutorials to complete it. First one is this, about shading of human face. Second one is about colouring in photoshop.
About the character: Let me introduce you Lucía Bien, a character of a forthcoming project. Stay tuned! ;)

21 January 2014


A week ago I discovered this web while procrastinating... (sometimes I do this more than recomended... *ahem*). It is a web application that allows you to create beautiful images easily. 
The aplication plays with the symmetry and the geometry to get things like these:

these are some examples of what I did
these are some examples of what I did
these are some examples of what I did
these are some examples of what I did
these are some examples of what I did

 Ah! And if you are an apple-nerd, there is an app for iOS too. ^^

25 September 2013

Textures and patterns

How was the summer holidays? Hope that better than mine: I spend it working...
Anyway, it has been a long time since the last post and I'm sorry for it.
Today I'll break up my silence to bring you up a web I found last week: CG Textures
It contains a lot of realistic-style patterns and textures, well ordered into several categories and their sub-categories.

The amount of images you can found in it is really amazing, and each picture can be found in different sizes. I think they will be usefull for working with it in your crafts, or maybe you need a pattern to fill your design... whatever! That's the reason why I'll decided to show you it.